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What are crossed roller bearings?

Crossed roller bearings have the rollers placed axially perpendicular to each other alternately and therefore are called crossed roller bearings. Disc-shaped spacers separate the rollers instead of a traditional retaining cage. The inner or outer ring is split and held together by retaining rings, and the corresponding outer ring or inner ring is one piece. These bearings are therefore separable.

The crossed roller bearing is XinLan's main product and contains crossed cylindrical roller bearings and crossed tapered roller bearings. such asRA/RB/CRB/RE/RU/CRB/CRBH/CRBF/XR series crossed roller bearings. Our products are widely used for industrial robots, rotary tables of machining centers, medical equipment, measuring instruments, rotating parts of manipulators, precision rotary tables, etc.

Structure and Features Crossed Roller Bearing

With the Cross-Roller Ring, cylindrical rollers are arranged with each roller perpendicular to the adjacent roller, in a 90° V groove, separated from each other by a spacer retainer. This design allows just one bearing to receive loads in all directions including radial, axial and moment loads.

Material For Crossed Roller Bearing

Crossed roller bearings use GCr15SiMn bearing steel, which has higher wear resistance and hardenability than GCr15. GCr6 bearing steel and GCr9 bearing steel is often used in the production of bearings. GCr6-bearing steel is more inclined to make measuring tools, while GCr9-bearing steel is mainly used to make steel balls and rollers.

Cross Roller Bearing Slides Guides

Cross roller linear slide guides use precision rollers to provide stable, non-recirculating linear motions in equipment such as optical and measuring equipment. Cross roller linear slide guides are suitable for both high-speed and low-speed applications.

You can count on them to provide minute motions with exceptional stability and low noise. A perfect solution for medical slide guide needs.

Classification Of Cross Roller Ring

RB Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RB series crossed roller bearings are the basic models of crossed roller bearings. It has a detachable outer ring and a united inner ring. The outer ring is divided into two pieces, and the inner circle is an integral structure, which is most suitable for occasions where the rotation accuracy of the inner circle is required.

RE Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RE series crossed roller bearings(inner ring division type with outer rotating) is also the primary type of crossed roller bearings. The size is the same as that of RB series crossed roller bearings. The inner rings have two parts, and the outer ring is one integer.The type is well applied to situations requiring high rotation accuracy on the outer ring.

RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RU series crossed roller bearing series integrated Inner/Outer Ring type. Since the mounting holes are provided, the model does not require a presser flange or housing. In addition, it has an integrated inner/outer ring structure and is equipped with washers, ensuring stable rotation accuracy and torque.

CRB Series Crossed Roller Bearing

CRB series bearing belongs to high precision cross roller bearings. CRB crossed roller bearings’ outer ring is designed to be separable and fixed by a screw. Its cylindrical rollers are placed in a 90°V groove, with each roller arranged in a cross-shape with the adjacent one and separated by a space retainer.

CRBH Series Crossed Roller Bearing

CRBH series crossed cylindrical roller bearings (integrated inner and outer rings, ultra-thin type), this model with ultra-thin design, no mounting holes in the outer ring and inner ring when installation. Requires a fixed flange and support seat. It is suitable for occasions where the outer and inner rings rotate but do not rotate.

XR Series Tapered Crossed Roller Bearing

XR series cross tapered roller bearing is a deformation of crossed cylindrical roller bearing. Its rolling elements are tapered rollers. The adjacent rollers are arranged in a 90-degree cross arrangement. The intersection of the extension line of the tapered roller rolling surface should be located on the rotation line of the bearing.

Cross Roller Bearing Catalog

  • Ball Bearings
  • Angular Contact Ball Bearing
  • Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
  • Deep Groove Ball Bearing
  • Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing
  • Self-aligning Ball Bearing
  • Thrust Ball Bearing
  • Roller Bearings
  • Crossed Roller Bearings
  • Cylindrical Roller Bearing
  • Needle Roller Bearing
  • Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings
  • Spherical Roller Bearing
  • Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Thrust Roller Bearings
  • Stainless Steel Bearings
  • Stainless Steel 2-Bolt Pillow Block Bearings
  • Stainless Steel Tapped Base Pillow Block Bearing
  • Stainless Steel 2-Bolt Flange Bearings
  • Stainless Steel 4-Bolt Flange Bearings
  • Other Special Bearings
  • Linear cross roller bearing
  • Harmonic Drive Cross Roller Bearing
  • SKF cross roller bearing
  • Timken cross roller bearing
  • Light Series Slewing Bearings
  • THK cross roller bearing
  • NSK cross roller bearing
  • Hiwin cross roller bearing


Cross Roller Bearing Applications

“Cross roller bearings are widely used in industrial robots for waist rotation, joint robot shoulders, arms, wrists, and other rotating parts due to their light composite structure, high rotation precision, good rigidity, and stable friction torque. Whatever design of crossed roller bearing you need, we're happy to help.”

Robot Industry

“When choosing bearings for medical devices & medical applications, considerations include high speeds, low noise, service life and resistance to harsh environments, aggressive chemicals or fluids. These factors coupled with strict regulations make selecting the correct bearing of the utmost importance.”

Medical Industry

"For precision machinery such as machine tools, CNC lathes, index heads, and precision rotary tables, precision is crucial. The final device's accuracy is stringent, requiring its components to have a higher precision level. Crossed roller bearing is often used as precision machinery bearings because of their high running accuracy.”

Precision Machinery

Robot Industry

Medical Industry

Precision Machinery

Measuring Instrument

What Are The Characteristics Of Various Types Of Crossed Roller Bearing?

Notes In Use Of Crossed Roller Bearing

Crossed roller bearings are separable bearings, and the inner and outer rings can be separated. Therefore, during installation, the inner ring cage rolling element components can be press-fitted on the shaft separately, and the outer ring can be separately installed into the bearing seat hole. When using a sleeve to press-fit, it should be noted that one end of the sleeve must be placed on the end face of the outer ring, and not on the inclined raceway surface. Crossed roller bearings are mostly installed in pairs. During installation, the focus should be on choosing the installation fit and adjusting the axial clearance.

Choose installation coordination
The outer ring of the crossed roller bearing and the housing hole of the bearing housing should not adopt interference fit, and the fit between the inner ring and the journal should not be too tight. It is required that the nut should be used in the installation to adjust the axial displacement. . Because if the bearing adopts an interference fit, it is easy to change the contact angle of the bearing, resulting in uneven bearing load distribution and high-temperature rise. Therefore, it is best to fit the inner and outer rings of this type of bearing with the shaft journal and the housing hole of the bearing housing. Generally, it is best to just push the bearing into the journal and housing hole with the thumbs of both hands.

Adjust the axial clearance
The adjusting nut can adjust the axial installation clearance of the cross roller bearing on the journal, the adjusting washer and the thread in the bearing seat hole, or the pre-tensioned spring. The size of the axial clearance is related to the arrangement of the bearings, the distance between the bearings, the material of the shaft, and the bearing seat and can be determined according to the working conditions.

For high-load and high-speed roller bearings, when adjusting the clearance, the effect of temperature rise on the axial clearance must be considered, and the reduction in release caused by the temperature rise shall be estimated. That is, the axial clearance must be Adjusted to be larger appropriately. Clearance-free or preload installation should be adopted for low-speed and vibration-bearing bearings.

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What Are The Design Points Of Crossed Tapered Roller Bearings?

The design of the cross tapered roller bearing is that the raceway surfaces of the inner ring, the outer ring, and the apex of the roller cone converge on the central axis of the bearing, and the radial load acts on the bearing to produce an axial component of force. Therefore, the two bearings must be used in opposite directions or used as a pair of double bearings or double row bearings.
Crossed tapered roller bearings have tapered raceways inside and outside, and the rollers are also tapered. If the cone is extended, its apex will intersect at a point on the bearing axis. Therefore, the rollers of the bearing can achieve pure rolling on the raceway.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Failure Of Crossed Roller Bearings?

In general, it can be considered and analyzed from two aspects: use factors and internal factors.The use factor mainly refers to whether the installation adjustment, use and maintenance, maintenance, etc. meet the technical requirements. The installation condition is one of the first factors in the use factor. The bearing often changes in the stress state between the parts of the complete set of bearings due to improper installation. , To make the bearing run in an abnormal state and fail early.

According to the technical requirements of bearing installation, use, maintenance and maintenance, the load, speed, working temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions are monitored and inspected. If abnormalities are found, the cause will be found immediately, and the investigation will be carried out to restore it to normal. In addition, it is also very important to analyze and inspect the quality of the grease, the surrounding medium, and the atmosphere.

Intrinsic factors mainly refer to the three major factors that determine the quality of crossed tapered roller bearings, such as structural design, manufacturing technology and material quality.

Cross Roller Bearing

What Are The Methods For Selecting A Crossed Roller Bearing Grease?

The choice of lubricating grease for crossed roller bearings is directly related to the stable operation of the equipment. In order to better exert the performance of the bearing, the choice of bearing grease must be considered from the following aspects:

1. Anti-rust performance

The grease used in the cross roller bearing must have an anti-rust effect, and the anti-rust agent must be insoluble in water. Grease should have good adhesion and can form an oil film on the surface of the steel.

2. Mechanical stability

Grease will soften during machining, causing leakage. During normal operation, grease will be thrown into the bearing from the bearing seat. If the mechanical stability of the grease is not enough, the performance structure of the grease will be mechanically disintegrated during operation, causing the grease to be destroyed and thus losing its lubricating effect.

3. Oil seal

The oil seal is a barrier to protect the cross-roller bearing and lubricant from external contamination. During the operation of the bearing, no debris or moisture can penetrate into the bearing to prevent damage to it.

4. Mixed grease

Never mix incompatible greases. If two incompatible greases are mixed, their consistency will usually become soft, and the bearing may be damaged due to easy loss of grease in the end. If you don't know which kind of grease the crossed roller bearing originally used, you must thoroughly remove the old grease inside and outside of the crossed roller bearing before adding new grease.


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