Cross Roller Bearing

CRBH Series Crossed Roller Bearing

CRBH series are lightweight, compact bearings with the thinnest possible inner and outer rings with high rigidity because of their vertical arrangement of cylindrical rollers with a 90°V groove through the separate spacers in the deep groove rolling surface. CRBH series crossed roller bearing comes with an integrated inner/outer ring structure, which can be used for inner-ring and outer-ring rotation. This particular design allows just one bearing to carry loads in all directions, including radial, axial, and moment loads.

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CRBH Series Crossed Roller Bearing

CRBH series crossed roller bearings are widely used in products where the inner and outer rings are integrated, and the rotation accuracy of the inner and outer rings is required.

CRBH series crossed cylindrical roller bearings (integrated inner and outer rings, ultra-thin type) CRBH series crossed cylindrical roller bearings; this model is ultra-thin RU series bearings, with ultra-thin design, no mounting holes in the outer ring and inner ring when installing Requires a fixed flange and support seat. It is suitable for occasions where the outer and inner rings rotate but do not rotate. In addition, since the outer and inner rings are integrated, the installation does not affect the performance, so stable rotation accuracy and torque can be obtained. Size and miniaturization are required.

CRBH Series Crossed Roller Bearings The inner and outer rings of this type of bearing are of integral structure, which has higher structural rigidity than the RB type separate outer ring; the cylindrical rollers are arranged on two 90°V-shaped raceways, and the 90° angle is 1 :1. Spaces separate the cylindrical rollers. This type of bearing has a compact structure, a set of bearings can bear radial load, axial load, and overturning hurdle at the same time while ensuring structural rigidity, which significantly simplifies the design of the shafting structure; most bearings can be preloaded before leaving the factory, other Easy installation, and maintenance. At the same time, this type of bearing has the characteristics of high precision, high bearing capacity, high rigidity, etc. It is very suitable for robot rotating parts, manipulator joint parts, CNC indexing tables, medical equipment, measuring instruments, and other occasions, especially for slight, high rigidity, Rotating high parts of robots, machine tools, and medical devices with rotational accuracy.

CRBH Series Crossed Roller Bearing Parameters:

Model Dimension (mm) Mounting (mm) Load Rating (kN) Weight
Open Type Sealed Type d D B da Da C C0 kg
CRBH208A CRBH208AUU 20 36 8 24 31 2.91 2.43 0.04
CRBH258A CRBH258AUU 25 41 8 29 36 3.12 2.81 0.05
CRBH3010A CRBH3010AUU 30 55 10 36.5 48.5 7.6 8.37 0.12
CRBH3510A CRBH3510AUU 35 60 10 41.5 53.5 7.9 9.13 0.13
CRBH4010A CRBH4010AUU 40 65 10 46.5 58.5 8.61 10.6 0.15
CRBH4510A CRBH4510AUU 45 70 10 51.5 63.5 8.86 11.3 0.16
CRBH5013A CRBH5013AUU 50 80 13 56 74 17.3 20.9 0.29
CRBH6013A CRBH6013AUU 60 90 13 66 84 18.8 24.3 0.33
CRBH7013A CRBH7013AUU 70 100 13 76 94 20.1 27.7 0.38
CRBH8016A CRBH8016AUU 80 120 16 88 112 32.1 43.4 0.74
CRBH9016A CRBH9016AUU 90 130 16 98 122 33.1 46.8 0.81
CRBH10020A CRBH10020AUU 100 150 20 110 140 50.9 72.2 1.45
CRBH11020A CRBH11020AUU 110 160 20 120 150 52.4 77.4 1.56
CRBH12025A CRBH12025AUU 120 180 25 132 168 73.4 108 2.62
CRBH13025A CRBH13025AUU 130 190 25 142 178 75.9 115 2.82
CRBH14025A CRBH14025AUU 140 200 25 152 188 81.9 130 2.96
CRBH15025A CRBH15025AUU 150 210 25 162 198 84.3 138 3.16
CRBH20025A CRBH20025AUU 200 260 25 212 248 92.3 169 4
CRBH25025A CRBH25025AUU 250 310 25 262 298 102 207 4.97
CRBH30025A CRBH30025AUU 300 360 25 312 348 112 245 5.29

CRBH Series Crossed Roller Bearing Features:

1. Sustain radial, axial, and moment loads

2. High rigidity & running accuracy, being more minor subject to the mounting procedure

3. Thin-section type

CRBH Series Crossed Roller Bearing Applications:

Industrial robot joints, turntable, medical equipment, radar, rotation tools set of CNC

CRBH Series Crossed Roller Bearing Advantages:

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Selection of crossed roller bearing

Notes in use of crossed roller bearings:

The two-divided imner or outer ring fixed with special rivets or bolts and nuts inseparable. and should be diectly mounted into the bearing base for use. Meanwhile. if the spacer holder assembling sequenceis improper ,it will have a great impact on the rotation performance of the,the bearing can not be disassembled freely.There is some deviation athe joint of inner or outer ring, before it is mounted into the bearing seat.the bolts to fix the imner or outer ring should be loosened to correct it with a plastic hammer. (the fixed rivets may be deformed with the bearing base deformation)Do not apply any extermal force onto the fixed rivets orbolts during the mounting or removal.

Please note the size tolerances of the mounting parts, and press securely the inner or outer ring with the flange from the side.

Lubrication for crossed roller bearing:

The crossed roller bearing has been filled with high quality 2# lithium grease, so it can be directly mounted for use. However. compared with common roller bearings it has a smaller intemal space. so the grease must be replenished periodically.

The grease should be replenished from the grease hole connected to the grease groove on the outer and inner rings. The grease replenishment interval is generally 6-12 months. The same grease must be replenished in all areas

Meantime, when the grease is filled fully,the initial rotation torque will be increased in a short ime due to the grease resistance;when the excess grease is spilled from the seal portions,it will soon be retumed to the normal torque value.